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Why time travel was born ?

Why mankind repeats wars throughout its history ?

Mankind is destined to kill each other ?


A man of greed robs, rapes and kills.

This is destined in this world of materialism ?


Where are we heading for ?


The answers must lie in the history.


TIME TRAVEL can be a tool to find answers to these questions.


All facts of billion years of history will be there in TIME TRAVEL. 


It is an indispensable tool for a long journey to find the truth. 


Happy if many users join this project. 



brief history

1991  First chronological application written with Borland C on MSDOS 3.x for PC (private use)

1996  2nd application written with THINK C for Mac OS (private use)

2012  Start writing TIME TRAVEL for iOS

2014  TIME TRAVEL 1.0 released on Apple Store

2017  TIME TRAVEL 2.0 to be released  on Apple Store in summer/fall 2017

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