the last update on 17 March 2019

Q : When is the date of 2.0 release ?

A : Scheduled in April 2019.  As of now (March 2019), it is in the final state of development and will be applied to Apple by end of March. 

Q : Why Time Travel has a multi-layered structure of time tables ?

A : To cover the all ages and for easy grasp of the timeline in every scale of time.  It is the simple way and the simplicity is the gem for usability and good understanding. 

Q : Library now has four chronicles. How about the future schedule ?

A : More updates for the existing ones and more new chronicles are to come.  Science & Tech, Arts, and every country etc. 

Q : It is only for iPhone.  How about the future schedule for other device ?

A : Depends on how soon I can get money for the new projects.  Like to start ASAP for Android, iPad/Mac and PC.  

Q : What kind of business plan do you have ?

A : Time Travel 1.x was an app with in-app-purchase where users had to buy new contents.  But Time Travel 2.0 is a completely free app with banner ad.  I have paid huge amount of time and outsourcing cost for its completion, but FREE is most important environment for wide use. And it must be FREE as it provides a common place to share all users' created chronicles. And another important factor is my belief that all educational cost should be free.  Time Travel I believe is a very important tool for the study of history.  So also from this idea, it must be free of charge. 

Q : How many Time Travel 1.x has been downloaded ?

A : Version 1.0 was released in April 2014 and been downloaded about 4,300 by now.  This small number of download was mainly due to my lack of effort to publicize this app.  I had to earn money for living with my main job and had no time for this app. 

Q : How many do you expect Time Travel 2.x will be downloaded  ?

A : With its unique features I strongly believe Time Travel can become a world standard app for the study of history. So I expect for over a million download.