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What is Time Travel ?


Time Travel is a timeline app for iPhone with a multi-layered structure of time tables where you can zoom in/out of time and go swipe right/left to other chronicles, which makes Time Travel quite a useful tool for your study of history or for your chronological analysis of events.  

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30 seconds introduction

introduction video


1. time Zoomability


Time Travel is a multi-layered time tables in the scale up from billion of years down to day & time.  You can zoom in time to see detailed sequence of events or you can zoom out to see bigger picture of the era. 

2. cross referencability


You can not only scroll up/down the time or zoom in/out of time in one chronicle, but also go swipe right/left to other chronicles in the same period of time enabling you to have better understanding of that time.

3. multi-searchability

The most bottom layer of Time Travel is the article level where you can read the details of event and from which you can also jump to Wikipedia, Google Image and YouTube as well as to the pin-pointed map showing the historical site. 


4. chronological map


Map screen shows up to 200 pins to show the historical sites.  Tap the pin, then you can jump to the article page and then to Wikipedia, Google Image and YouTube.  Tap the "Play" button, then you can see the chronological sequence of events in your selected area of the map.


5. easy to make and share


You can create your chronicle and share it with your friends or publish it in Library.  The text font and background are editable.  


enjoy the unique experience of Time Travel any place and any time. 

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Time Travel is free app with a banner advertisement.