21. May 2019
I have started twitter. Please visit see. https://twitter.com/hmdy73051093
19. May 2019
Thank you Sonia So & Associates for your review article : https://soniaso.associates/2019/05/13/avira-techblog-pitch-for-time-travel-chronicles/
19. May 2019
Thank you so much for your downloading this app. I am keeping updating the timeline data everyday and bug fixing are being implemented. So your kind patience is greatly appreciated. But I am sure there are lots more issues than I know of that should be fixed or improved. So your kind advice is extremely appreciated as well. Matter of fact, I just talked with one my friends who had downloaded the app, and he pointed out to me that he doesn't know what to do with the TOP screen (!), and to my...
18. May 2019
This day DL is 785 !
15. May 2019
Have started a new ads campaign with Google Ads. Today's DL is 68. 165 in total.
14. May 2019
Thank heavens and FeedMyApp which has posted a great review article on their site. Its introduction is very touching. "We get to see a complete range of apps here at FeedMyApp that range from business to games to social. Some are the work of a team of developers whose aim is to make a business run smoothly and encourage you to spend and make more money. Some are put together by enthusiastic individuals who just want to create some fun while others turn out to be altruistic labours of love that...
13. May 2019
Thank you The Startup Pitch. This is#2 review article. https://thestartuppitch.com/pitches/pitch-for-time-travel-chronicles/ And DL has jumped to 17 this day. This is mainly the effect of Search Ads. Now DL is 69 in total.
12. May 2019
I have started the 1st media approach
08. May 2019
Found the 1st review article.
01. May 2019
From 24 April to 30 April, the total Download is 18. 1-5 downloads a day. I must start advertisement someday soon.

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